Burndown Charts in Asana

There are a scattered assortment of discussions from people asking for Burndown or up charts directly within Asana - almost all of them have either gone dead, or point to 3rd party solutions with no support or that cost as much as Asana does in the first place. This is the largest thread on the discussion : Creating a burn down charts using custom fields, but I can’t seem to get a response on it, so I figured I’d start this question again:

Why doesn’t Asana support burndown charts using custom fields? You’re SO close - The Insights graph is literally everything the user needs except the ability to sample from an Estimated Hours Remaining (story points) field instead of number of tasks?

Also, realistically, when is number of tasks ever a useful metric unless we’re at massive enterprise scale? You guys spent some serious time beautifully integrating a nearly useless feature, but didn’t do the one remaining step to unlocking it completely.

Hi @Keith_Guerrette, thanks for reaching out and taking the time to share your feedback with us!

This is a very good question. As you mentioned we currently don’t support burndown charts using custom fields. Our product team is continuously working on some updates and we hope to have good news soon! I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread to our product feedback category to allow votes and I’ll make sure to keep you posted when I have any news :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions!