How could I collect stats to engage my teammates ?

Hi Community,
Since I launched our team portfolio a few months ago, my team and I got good at creating projects and completing tasks but not at reviewing our boards together or updating projects status regularly.
Still, we’ve used Asana more in the past couple of months than before and I would love to be able to highlight this in an engaging way.
Can I collect for instance the # of tasks created, # of tasks completed, Comments, Likes etc. at a portfolio level ?:sweat_smile:
Any other recommendations to reach my goal of showing my team we’ve used Asana and accomplished a lot quarter to date would be welcome !
Thank you!


You could check out the dashboarding solution on The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana
You could also show the engagement graph from the admin console. @Julien_RENAUD any other idea?


Thank you @Bastien_Siebman !
I’m not an Admin so don’t have access to the admin console but I’m going to try leveraging Google Sheets with the Export option on Portfolios as seen on your guide.