Overview of team engament within Asana

Looking for some help with viewing who’s engaging with Asana. We recently went live with Asana for our company. We’re on the business account too. I’m hoping to reward team members who are using Asana, so I’d love to learn how I can see that.
Here is one caveat, we have structured our Asana to be very templet heavy. Because of that all of our team members had all of their yearly tasks built out and assigned for each of the accounts that they manage. Therefore, it’s not like I can just view the tasks created as a metric.

Any thoughts?

Welcome, @Brian_Noel,

Any Asana Admin can use the Admin Console > Insights to see some metrics that might be helpful:

You can also use Universal Reporting (Reporting in your left sidebar) to create some org-wide reports for any specifics.

The third-party paid app below is another option (/cc @Bastien_Siebman):

Hope that helps,