Calling all Asana Admins! Have you checked out our new Admin Console?

Hi everyone,

I’m Jordan, a Product Manager here at Asana and I have some exciting news to share with all Asana Admins — we’ve now fully rolled out the new Admin Console!

With the new Admin Console, you can get key information about your organization’s Asana usage, add/remove members, adjust security, change billing info, and more — all in one place. We hope that this feature provides helpful insights into how your teams are leveraging Asana, so you can more easily manage your Asana deployments and share best practices across your organization.

To learn more about this new Admin Console, you can check out the updated article from our online Asana Guide. And, as always, we look forward to your questions and feedback — feel free to post in the comments below!

Happy Thursday!


It looks great, good work!

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Is this for a specific plan type? I don’t see this on my systems. My says “Admin Console BETA.” And I don’t see Insights in there. Technically I don’t think our plan has a true Admin.


Hi @Francesco_Alessi :wave:t3:

Can you please reach out to our support team (How do I contact support), so they can take a look into this for you? Make sure to let them know which Organization you’re referring to and if possible, I would recommend sharing with them a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end! :slight_smile:

Please improve divisional console. The ability to provide multiple users access to the divisional console, not just the billing account, would be great start. Looks great though


@Jordan_Katz the new admin console is great! It’s especially encouraging to mouse-over the graph and see that people are using the tool - from the # of tasks created, completed, and comments.

My suggestion would be to make it more actionable:

  • Could we see the least active members, so we can nudge them?
  • Is it possible to connect Asana Academy to each person’s profile so we can see who has completed trainings recently? That would be awesome to help guide adoption and reward ambassadors!



Yes I have. :wink:

Wow! Awesome!

I was very disappointed to see that I was not the most influential member. That made me sad. I will have to work on that.

I don’t know if there is more for higher plans, but as a premium user. it feels very similar to what we had previously, styled differently, cleaner and much better looking.

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