Asana Release Notes June 2019

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Please find below our Release Notes for the month of June!

  • Workload: With the launch of Workload, you now have a centralized view of your team’s capacity, making it easier to plan and rebalance work so that no one is overworked (or underworked).
  • Organization Admin Console: To better manage your Asana account, you can now use the new Organization Admin console to get insights on team activity, adjust security, change billing info, and more.
  • Improved Search: With updates to our search, we were able to reduce the load on search infrastructure — basically, making search faster for you!
  • More Help for New Users in Asana: Our project structure tour (the guidance you receive in Asana when first setting up a project) now gives you real-time feedback, so you can better understand how to use Asana the moment you start in it.
  • Introducing new Asana Academy courses! Learn how Asana solves some of the top problems facing marketers with our new Asana Academy Course, Introduction to Asana for Marketing.

As always, you can find all previous release notes here and ask you questions in the comments below!

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The team has been busy :slight_smile:

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Would love to have the Insights on Division console. That way I can prove to my boss how much this is working for us!

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@Cally_McIntyre sounds like a great opportunity to create a new thread in the #productfeedback category :wink:

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Completely agree!

Can’t wait to take the course!