Asana Release Notes August 2019

Apologies for the delay! Please find below our release notes for the months of August :slight_smile:

  • Workload with effort and capacity : With Workload, you gain visibility into work happening across projects in a single view and can easily reassign or reschedule tasks as business needs change. With effort, you can set a weight to your tasks—such as hours or points—based on any numerical custom field in Asana to better understand exactly how much work everyone has on their plates. To make sure that no one on your team is overworked, you can also set capacity limits for individual team members. When the work assigned to them exceeds capacity for a given week, you’ll see a red line in Workload that lets you know they have too much to do. Learn More
  • Additional filtering in the Admin Console : This update provides an easy view of guests, admins, and pending invites — so your admins can better manage their org’s members.
  • Remove seats directly from the Admin Consolee : If you are on a Premium or Business plan (and not on manual invoice), you can now remove seats directly from the admin console.
  • Asana Academy courses : This month, we released two new Academy courses geared towards marketing and creative professionals. You can learn to organize and simplify the management of your next campaign in Asana or learn how Asana can simplify and streamline your creative production process. Find them here: Asana Academy Course: Plan and Manage a Marketing Campaign and Asana Academy Course: Creative Process and Production

Feel free to post any question you might have in the comments below!

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