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Greetings Asana Community! I’m in the higher education industry and our school recently purchased the Enterprise license. I support the school as one of several admins. We are part of a divisional workspace and I’d like to ask this community if you can share about gaining insights into member usage, such as when a member was last active or logged in. Thanks!

Welcome, @Janet_Antunez,

As an Asana Admin, you can access Profile image > Admin Console. There, see the Insights tab for general usage insights, and also the Members tab, which lists all members with a column showing last active date.



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Thank you, @lpb. I appreciate you taking the time to share this information with me. I see the info from the admin console. I was a bit hesitant to trust the dates because the activity shown were from several years back and we just performed the Asana team migrations this year. I’ll have to investigate further with our members to determine the accuracy of the dates.

Happy holidays!

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