API Activity Usage & Date

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A customer of mine is using a software management tool to pull activity data from licensed users. When comparing the activity data shown in Asana, it doesn’t seem to align with the SM tool. Does Asana’s API give you the ability to pull activity usage and last activity date?

From some of the research we’ve done, it looks like Asana’s API requires that the user w/ token would need to be added to all Asana projects/teams in order to pull this data. The customer is on an Enterprise plan with large number of users so that method is not scalable. Any thoughts? Maybe we’re just missing something.

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It sounds like you’re not yet aware of Service Accounts and Service Account Tokens that come with the Enterprise plan that offer more ubiquitous access easily:

You can see the API docs for gathering activity info generally, and also:

Re user last activity date, I don’t think that’s available from the API but is in the Admin Console:

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@lpb this is super helpful. Thanks for including links to past threads as well! I just finished attending a session around Asana’s API that touched on the Service Account tokens. I’ll take this information back and do a little more research on my end.

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