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VERY new Asana user here, only a few weeks. I manage a small engineering team of 8 people. We are currently spending alot of time fire fighting and redeploying resources to address the ever changing needs to the business. I am trying to get more organized, avoid things falling through the cracks using Asana Enterprise but also needing to build some visual tools to see where the team is at and if I have to move someone around whats the impact to other adjacent tasks.

Is it possible in Asana to make a dashboard or report that is 100% live and looks something like this? If so could someone point me to any resources as to how I can start to build that out? I do have some programming experience if that’s going to be needed

I have been tinkering around with Power BI to query the database to build something similar in Excel but if I can do this in this platform I’d like to do it.

If what I am digging toward is better done external to the Asana web portal, I would appreciate that wisdom

Thank you!

Welcome, @Anon_1701,

If you’re willing to be flexible on the visual appearance, this content could be generated in ten minutes using the starred (saved) Advanced Search reports (one for each of your rows), where each is sorted by Assignee. No coding or external apps needed.



Thank you for your reply. I have to plead some ignorance here as a new user, I am not sure what your “three starred” reference meant. Could you perhaps share an example of another post of what you are describing?

Again thank you for the time to reply

That was a typo, which I’ve corrected; sorry.

See and for more info on using Advanced Search and starring the search results.

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