ASANA and Sprintboards

I started using Sprintboards for providing a high level update of major projects to the executives. The beauty about it is that it looks clean, simple and easy to follow. There are still features that need to be enhanced, but wouldn’t it be great if the ASANA’s progress tab could be really enhanced to look that pretty.
have section to include milestones and their progress, to highlight certain custom fields in the progress updates such as time or cost, etc…

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Thanks for the info, @RashadIssa. Glad you’re liking the integration with Sprintboards.

Interesting feedback, as well. I can understand what you mean – pretty things that are easy to look at are good for productivity! :smiley:

How are you liking using custom fields for more granularity? Have you been reporting on/visualizing these fields at all? We’re going to be coming out with more robust reporting features for custom fields and I think this will help!

@Alexis The custom fields are using while getting work data from the project. But they are certainly not used as a visual for the executives in the business. However, having a more robust reporting feature that is embedded in the progress tab, would certainly make things a lot better. If that will happen, please make sure that the custom field reporting option also incorporates (red, amber, green) option

@Rashad_Issa Let’s see what we can do for the time being.

Are you familiar with using advanced search to build reports on custom fields? If not, I think you’ll find this useful, especially to address the question of creating a visual for executives.

Create an advanced search (that looks at one or multiple projects, custom fields, etc.) and save the search view so you can reference it.

First option: If you want to visualize in the existing asana view as a project/task list, you can print, save as a PDF, an use that PDF for presenting your info.

Second option: If you want a view that mimics a dashboard, you can export the search as a CSV and visualize it as you would any other set of data in Excel / Sheet, etc. For instance, you might add colors to various parts of the graph to mimc Asana’s red, yellow, green system.

Relevant guide articles about
Custom fields views How to Create and Use Custom Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Happy to elaborate here if you need me to. :slight_smile:

So I keep coming back to this one. After using Sprintboards for over 6 months now, it certainly is the right visual for a high level status update. Unfortunately, it was in beta version and now the app stopped working for me. I am putting out there to see if anyone has any app that integrates with ASANA and produces a nice visual for project status and milestones progress. :slight_smile:

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I’m in the same boat. Did you ever find anything that worked well and willing to share?

Hello Todd. I believe Asana released the Portfolio feature.
This in essence would be the solution. I am yet to gain access to the feature and try it out. I will be posting my thoughts on when I test it for sure!

Hi @Todd_VanSelus and @Rashad_Issa,

Another somewhat different alternative may be:

Disclosure: I’m the author.
Counter disclosure: It’s free (for most uses)!

@Todd_VanSelus for progress charts and other visualisations, take a look at the Screenful Dashboard for Asana: