Looking for a FREE time tracking integration

Looking for a FREE time tracking integration.
Tried EverHour and Harvest, but the only offer free trials.

Any idea of a 100% free solution that handle the basics?

Welcome to the Forum @Doug_Demagistris and thank you for reaching out! :wave:t5:

I would suggest you to have a look at the following threads:

There are several recommendations you might find useful!

I hope this helps Doug! Have a great week!


I’ll check these out. Thx

I recommend you to take a look at TMetric. It smoothly integrates with Asana and provides a wide opportunities spector for accurate time tracking, tasks and projects scope management, real-time reports for the in-depth analysis, payrolling, billing and invoicing. Additional control of the work process can be achieved by screenshots capturing and detailed information about your activity levels, apps and sites you use and visit at work.