Tracking project vs. non-project time

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I was wondering if there is a simple way to track productive vs. non-productive time in asana. All we’d really need is a function to retrospectively log time against projects and non-productive time (admin, etc.) at the end of the week. We want to be able to see total project vs. non-project time, and the total effort spent by our team on each project. A granularity of 2 hours would suffice.

There of course plenty of apps allowing you to track time (harvest etc.), but most of them seem to be an overkill in terms of functionality and quite expensive.

Is there a functionality built into asana, or could you recommend an app to do this?



The feature is called Workload, available for Business plans, you have to specifically choose a custom field to compute the workload and have a task to hold “admin” work.

Thanks, that’s helpful.
It seems that Workload is more for planning purposes than for reporting, right?

Assume I have a 2 projects in asana, one billable and one for non-project time with tasks for ‘admin’, ‘sick leave’, etc.
Now let’s say a team member worked 3 days a 8 hrs on the project, did administrative tasks 1 day and was sick another. How would he and other employees best log their effort with this feature so that we could create a report showing the billable utilization (24/40 hrs = 60%) or the number of hours that all team members worked on a specific project?

Thank you

Hi @Niklas_Jaeschke and welcome to the Forum!

Adding to what @Bastien_Siebman explained, I would also recommend you to have a look a the following threads:

There are several recommendations you might find useful! You can also have a look at all Time tracking integrations available for Asana in the following link: Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana

I hope this helps Niklas! Have a great week!