Please add time tracking functionality to projects, tasks, and team members

No, I do not want to bother with a 3rd-party plugin. Tried it multiple times, they simply don’t do what we need.

If relevant: We want to use a Kanban board for most of our projects which are generally 100-400 hour website contracts for our clients. We are a small web dev team of 10-15 people. I also worked for a company prior to this one that was the same size and did the same type of work. We also wanted to use Asana and could not due to this time tracking limitation.

We need to be able to track time spent on projects and individual tasks in the project and have that information aggregate for each team member.

We also want to be able to track different “types” of time such as billable, non-billable, internal, break, etc and have this data available for each team member as well so that we can see where each person is spending their time and how many hours they are working in a given day, week, month, or year.

We want to be able to set a time limit on each project so that hours that are worked over the estimated time are shown as “overage” so we can see what tasks/projects are over on hours, and how much overage a team member is putting in.

We also want to be able to modify the amount of hours set on a project or task in the event of scope changes or feature creep.

Having this ability to log and track time spent on tasks, projects, and team members would make adopting Asana as our project management tool much easier. Without it, it doesn’t make much sense to use it in our company.

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