Everhour Integration



I haven’t actually used Everhour with Asana - Has anyone been able to use it to forecast hours for a task?

Thoughts on Everhour vs. Toggl?


Hi @paulminors! I haven’t but I’m testing it now… and also hope to use it for forecasting. I’ll pop back into this thread with any findings. :slight_smile:


@Amy_Mitchell I know this is a relatively old thread, but did you ever come to any conclusions about this? Just trying to think through a comparison of several time tracking services, Everhour & Toggl among them!


Hi @Alastair_Cheng what do you mean by forecasting?
We are experienced Everhour-user in our company thanks to the great Asana-connectivity.

If you mean forecasting by having an overview on all the time needed for several tasks, that’s what Everhour does: We always add an “estimation” to the task and while working on it we see for example “1h20 of 4h00” worked. Also on the top of the project you can see the overall time worked and its estimation.

Do you need a screenshot? Or/and can you explain more what you need to know?
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Hi @Alastair_Cheng! The project I was working on shifted and I didn’t end up finishing the testing - but, my experience was that Everhour was a better fit with Asana! Looks like @Benedikt_Pencet will be a good resource for this though!