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My Design Studio has been using 10000ft (10k Plans) for the past 5 years. We want to fully move over to Asana but need direction on If there is a way to do Project Budget Tracking / Project Estimation as well as accessing project metrics. These are incredibly important to us.

Here are some links to better visually show what I mean:



Hi Dustin,

I recommend using Asana combined with everhour.com. They’re really easy to integrate and can get you a great level of reporting about direct revenue and costs.


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If you connect Everhour with Asana, you can watch your projects budget right inside Asana interface. Like this:

Budget types

We have two ways to represent your budget: in a form of time and in a form of money. When a team starts tracking time, we update budget progress. If you are reaching a budget, the progress becomes yellow and then red.

You need to set up hourly member rates when your budget is money. We show progress as time multiplied by hourly rates.

Budget period

Our budget can have an indefinite period with the option to start it from a specific date. The progress shows all period when the time was reported into a project.

A budget can repeat daily, weekly and monthly. This is useful in a situation when you agreed with a client to spend a certain amount of time on a project for one of these periods. We set the progress to zero when a new period starts.

Budget notifications

We can notify team admins when a team achieves a certain threshold working on a budget. The size of a threshold is set up the same for everybody and we send an email when it is reached.

You can also set a limit to track time over the budget. It sends a browser notification for a user who tries to track time above the budget.

Who can see budgets

Only users with an admin role can create, see budgets and receive notifications about reached thresholds or limit tracking over the budget. Admins can share a budget with other team members by checking a special option.

Non-billable time and expenses in budgets

If you have a billable project with non-billable tasks, you can exclude this time from influencing your budget progress.

If you have expenses linked to a billable project, we count them in the money budget progress too. Again, this is very easy to exclude them.

As project budget tracking is incredibly important to you, here is one tool you might find right for your needs. With Fizure you can manage and track project budget, sub-contractors pay applications, invoices, and contracts with ease and automatically send approved cost to an accountant/accounting system.
There is a short introductory overview on youtube as well:


I advise trying TMetric time tracker. This app smoothly integrates with Asana. Doesn’t require large cash injections and give you a wide features range (detailed reports for further analysis, starting track time just from Asana’s task etc).

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