Budget tracking

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I want to be able to track expenses for a project - budget vs actual. Anyone have any suggestions? I created a custom field for budget, but that isn’t allowing what I really want.

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Hi Deb,

I don’t do actual budgeting in Asana but I do something similar that may point you in the right direction. I keep track of client fees by creating a task called “Total Fee” in each project. Then I simply enter the fee amount in the description box. I run periodic reports by running an advanced search for tasks called “Total Fee” over a given date range then I output the results to a CSV file. I then open the CSV file in Excel and manipulate the data as I see fit. You could do something similar by creating a "Budget " task with custom fields for budget and actual figures. Good luck


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we have some good experience with everhour.com. They offer full Asana integration including budgets on project level that is rendered into Asana via Chrome plugin-in. Everhour is dedicated to time tracking but offer budgets and expenses as well.

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We do the same as @Ronald_Thornton - a custom field for Budget/Estimate, and a custom field for Actual - it’s a quick and easy export and formula to get what we want.

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You can track your budget , job cost and expenses with Fizure. You can compare forecasted costs, contracted costs, income, etc. against expenses and profitability. Your budget vs actual is streamlined with a great overview.

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Hi Laura
Hope you don’t mind me emailing you - I am struggling with the budget and spend capture on Asana. I have tried putting fields in for Budget against actual but then where do I record the amounts? Totally new to Asana but loving it so far but just wanted to start recording the costs to each project and would love your opinion/advice. Thanks Lorraine


Just got into asana a couple weeks ago and I am encountering this issue. It’s a problem I am looking to solve without having to export a csv or adding a third party integration.


Hi @Laura_Johnson - would you mind sharing how you did that? I just want to be able to show in report the estimated vs actual even if I have to update that field every time I provide the status report.

To whom it may be helpful,

Thanks to @Patrick_Lorenz for mentioning us. Everhour integrates with Asana for tracking time and expenses you incur on a project.

You can set your project budget in hours or in money and then track your progress like time spent or sum used based on rates that people have in a project.

Additionally, you can put material costs that we call expenses in Everhour and if your project budget is in the form of money, we will add them to the progress together to time costs.

Please watch some videos about budgets and expenses to see what I mean:

Please send all your further questions to ask@everhour.com!