Estimated vs Actual Budget

Hi - new here in Asana and exploring the different ways I can make a status report looks sharp. I want to show the estimated and actual budget for the whole project. How to do that? I couldn’t find the option for it. Help! Thanks.

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Hey @Esmeralda_Santos, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Great question :slight_smile:

You can achieve this with the help of custom fields.

We have this setup for example:

Then at the bottom of each section you have the sum.

Now what you can also do if let’s say you have more projects and want to calculate everything together. Then just multi-home the tasks in a “Budgeting Project”.

Then you can also set up Reports and Portfolios

Hope that helps


Thanks @Andrea_Mayer for your response. I am entry level and I don’t know my way around asana yet :frowning: Is there a step by step instruction I can follow? Thanks

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer I think I got it now. I just need to be able to show that in status report or reporting. Thanks!

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