Any Reporting recommendations?

Hello! Absolutely brand new to this world and hoping for some guidance.

Before Asana, this was through SmartSheet, so owners of these Saving Projects get a reminder email and directed to areas that required their input or update weekly/monthly basis. This information will then be pulled into Tableau or Alteryx for further reporting.

So far, I’ve just used the list option in Asana, but is that the best route? Should I consider some other option? Again, the end goal is basically centralize all the saving projects into one area so the different departments can go update the fields we have listed and we’ll be able to report off of that.

Thank you! And sorry if I hit up the wrong subgroup.

Hi @Karolyn_Dee welcome to the forum.

Depends on what tier you are on in Asana. What licence level are you? :slight_smile:

Hello! I am on Enterprise level. So have quite a bit of wiggle room


So portfolios are a great place to start for higher level reporting. Have you looked into portfolios?
Custom fields added to the library means you then have cross project task reporting.
The status update reports are also super useful and owners can set a reminder to do a project report every week

I messed with Portfolio a little bit and was wondering if that’s the appropriate route to go when it comes to do, but it’s not like Projects where you can simply upload the list onto Portfolios huh? You would need to individually add them on? (Esp if the project isn’t readily available to be pulled in?) Same with adding custom columns?

Portfolios are for grouping your projects together for reporting, capacity etc But yes you would need to input the projects first for them to be useful.

You can then report on RAG status, custom fields at that level etc.