Tracking project budget/profit


We’ve been trialing Avaza because of its built in time and budget/profit tracking capabilities. In other words we want to know at glimpse when we’re on budget and when we’re not, and that we’re allocating resources correctly.

Avaza is not bad but we miss the low friction environment of Asana. For instance in Avaza to check a task off as complete you have to open the task, click on the Status dropdown menu and choose “Complete”. You can’t just mark a task as complete by clicking on the check button in a list, as you can in Asana. Another one is that you can’t create a task within the time tracker on the fly; instead you have to leave the time tracker, find the project, add the task, then go back to the timer to start timing the task.

So I’m taking one last look at how we might track time and budget/profits in Asana before we make the final jump to Avaza. Do you have any suggestions?

Preferably we don’t want to rely on integrations if we can help it. One reason being that we’re then relying on two separate software packages and two separate companies. But the main reason being that Avaza would only cost us $20/mth for 5 users, whereas premium Asana (for custom fields) + Harvest would cost us $90/mth.

Any thoughts?


I’ve learnt today that while Harvest isn’t very well integrated with Asana, Everhour is. And it’s a lot more affordable. So I might trial Everhour + Asana and see how it goes.


If you’re trying out Harvest and/or Everhour with Asana, you might find this thread helpful. Lots of discussion about these two tools.


I am alos in search for a time tracking appa that would integrate with ASANA. I am stilll in trial, I am looking at about 10 software. So far I like the most Time doctor, PayMo and Toggle, but not sure which one we will use yet. I will take a look at Avaza as well.


I think we’re going to stick with Avaza. They’re promising to fix some of the issues we have and their pricing is just far too competitive.


i think i have a solution to do budgeting
first we should sync google sheets to asana. then input budget to tasks and subtasks in whatever style we want.
The problem is i haven’t managed to 100% sync asana->google sheets tasks/subtasks (they appear but not getting updated) even through zapier.
Have anybody got a working solution?


Hi Andrey - To confirm, have you explored these how-to articles on using the Asana / Google Sheets integration?

^^ This second article provides particularly helpful troubleshooting steps. I highly recommend it!


Dear Alexis
Thanks for feedback. Could you point where inforamation about TASK sync with google, not PROJECT? Even there is stated “Turn Asana projects or TASKS into spreadsheets” i can’t find anything about TASKS live sync with google sheets.


This is a real shortcoming of ASANA’s project management capabilities: an integrated solution to manage budget and expenses, timetracking of projects. Just look at harvest and other tools and include similar functionality in ASANA please! A project not only has tasks, but only has budgets to keep track off!


Well said, we need a solution to make sure everyone on the team is aware of the budget. Usually if the budget is out of sigh it is out of mind. If it were up to me we would leave Asana altogether.