Access to Everhour Estimates and Time Recording data in Asana Reporting

I would love to see the Everhour team roll out the ability to pull in Everhour data into the Asana reporting feature. This would be an extremely helpful option that would help us assess Workload and hours consumption from within Asana - without having to pay 1.5x as much per user for the Business pricing tier.

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I second this!

Pinging @Waclaw_Wolodko !

@DaPan , @Dave_Eddy , I’ve converted this topic into a Product Feedback request which you can now vote on :wink: (purple button, top left of this thread)

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Hi all, thanks for bringing our attention to it!

This is quite a challenge to push our data into external tools which requires work from both sides, so we paused looking in that direction for a long time. However, since the introduction of time tracking field, we are thinking of building sync between it and our time tracking feature (the sync between our and Asana estimate field has been implemented for a long time). This seems to be technically easier and looks more natural to use.

I will ask our team to look into this again and consider the change.


Thanks for the update @Waclaw_Wolodko !
As an Everhour fan and supporter, I think such an update would be extremely useful.

@Waclaw_Wolodko - thanks Waclaw for your input here.

The time tracking feature is only part of the Business (now called Advanced) pricing tier, which is 1.5x more expensive than the current tier we’re on. So the sync idea wouldn’t really provide a solution for the initial ask. If we had the Advaned tier which includes time tracking, we probably wouldn’t need Everhour service - since we could track time natively within Asana.

@Waclaw_Wolodko - My Asana clients who use Everhour would LOVE this and this would make you a much more appealing solution for far more clients.

Rooting for this! Thanks for the great tool you’ve built!