Time Tracking that Integrates on a Task level with Asana

We are trying Harvest with Asana for time-tracking but Harvest only let you import projects and not tasks. This means there is no way to sync tasks from Asana to Harvest. We need to track time at a task level.
We also need to have the time-tracker to update a custome field in Asana so we can produce burnup charts for client projects. I know we can would need to use something like Zapier to accomplish this but in Harvest that is not possible. We also want to show burn rates in project Dashboards.

Since Harvest does not work at a task level what Time Tracking tool would you recommend?

Check out Everhour.



In my experience Everhour is the best tool for this. You can create the projects in either tool – if you create the project in Asana afterwards it will allow you to map the project to Everhour.

Each time a task is created in Asana it will automatically create that task in Everhour as well, no need to create the tasks in Everhour. If you do create a task in Everhour it WILL not be visible in Asana so make sure you create all of your tasks in Asana.

I have also used Clockify – my only gripe with Clockify is that your task you are working on functions as a comment and you have to map the comment to the project/task each time. This is great if you are trying to have a single task name for a large amount of work, but Everhour pulls over custom field information and section information as well – so you can work around that using one of those parts of the Asana tool.

Hope this helps!


Linda hi,
Just wondering whether you’ve found the app. I’ve been using Asana with TMetric for a while, and this time tracker works not only with Asana projects but with tasks too. When I log in to my Asana account and navigate to the needed task, I see the TMetric timer button in its interface. By starting it both the project and the task names are pulled out and sent to the app. This turns out to be a simple and effortless workflow.

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Hi Everyone,

I need a time tracker which works as linked to the status (or any costom field) of any task. For example, When ı changed the status of the project as “in progress” timer start and when ı change it as comleted timer stops. Can ı do it with Asana without using any time tracker ?

Thanks for your kind helps