Harvest & Asana

I was asked to provide the info on how to integrate Harvest and Asana.

There’s a handy guide here: http://help.getharvest.com/harvest/integrations/project-management-integrations/asana/

Also-- the setup is literally button right on your profile settings:

As I mentioned in the other post, our team has used the Harvest and Asana integration for years. Thanks!


Thank you for sharing, @Noel_Howell1! Many customers will find this helpful. Time tracking has been a hot topic these days. Maybe our need for spring cleaning is kicking in :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a consultant and I really like the combination of Asana and Harvest. Having the task name automatically pass to Harvest makes a real nice combination.

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Is there any way to connect Harvest + Asana so that when a project is created in Asana, it flows over to Harvest? We are trying to avoid the problem of adding projects in both places.

We tried using Zapier, but we found it was not as helpful since we had to add an individual Zap for every task made.

@Melissa_P have you tried Tray.io or Unito?

I use UNITO to sync Asana tasks to my Jira instance (we have a dev team
that is unable to switch to Asana even though I’ve begged lots and lots!)

Back to your original question-- I use a sync with Zapier to go from
Harvest to Asana. Every new project in Harvest automatically gets an Asana
project. You may have to change your process to do Harvest first, but then
you know they will match!


is this integration available on the Mobile Apps?

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Is it possible to start a time in harvest from the mobile app? It works great in the web but I can’t seem to find it in the mobile app.

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It appears on IOS you certainly can.


mate you need to sort your battery out


Wait, that’s from within the Asana app?!

Can this be done from the Android Asana app?? It’s so frustrating having to go to a computer to start a timer when on the go.

That is within the IOS app. Not sure on Android

Asana, please please please add this functionality to the Android app :tired_face:

Hey @Melissa_P,

It is not possible with Harvest as far as I know. But you can check Everhour + Asana integration instead.

When you connect Asana with Everhour, we sync all your active projects so that you don’t need to make any additional project setup. The synchronization happens automatically.

When you add a new project or change the name of the existing one, we will sync this change after some time. That means your reports will always show the freshest data.

And we also sync such meta information as tags, sections, custom fields. You can do any kind of reports in Everhour based on these details.

You can also set time estimates right inside Asana interface so at any time you can see the time you spend and what is left.

Hi - We use ASANA and we are just setting up Harvest now. I know how to link the two.

I have a few questions I would really appreciate advise on.

As it turns out the way we have ASANA set up is not that conducive to linking and time recording in Harvest, as we largely invoice by task and I think we would have a rate for every task in Harvest. Is that assumption correct?.

What is the best way to use ASANA for time recording in Harvest?.

Is there any easy way to update a particular project so it links with Harvest without having to have the whole list come up and then having to deselect everything and them all and then tick the few that you want. We have a lot of of projects.

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Is Harvest a paid integration, or is it available for free?

Harvest is a free integration and harvest itself has a free tier for 1 user for up to I think 5 active projects?

They have a referral program - Harvest 30 Day Free Trial + $10 Credit that gives unlimited projects though.

And pretty sure if you do jump on a paid tier (which allows for unlimited projects), if you use the code “CYBERBYTES” they will also give you 50% off the first paid month (2nd month) which is also quite a bit hidden.

Their referral program is super strange :sweat_smile: but yeah, you can sign up to Harvest for free and use it with Asana :ok_hand:

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Hi everybody!

I was wondering if there’s a way that allows stopping time tracking directly from Asana marking the task as complete without being forced to stop it manually from Harvest.

I’m testing Harvest features and integrations for my company in order to evaluate if it is the right tool for time tracking for a team that heavily uses Asana.

Thank you in advance for any reply.

Hello there Asana + Harvest users, hoping someone can help me out here. I manage a team that DUPLICATES projects in Asana instead of creating new ones every time because our projects manage Marketing Campaigns that run the same each time. I have set up TWO projects they simply duplicate and rename when they need to create a new Campaign project. The trouble I’m having is when we tested the time tracking - Harvest does not recognize the project as the newly named one…it only shows the original project name.

This is obviously going to cause huge problems on my end for reporting as every task they track is going to show under the same original project. PLEASE HELP!!!
:point_down:t4:Project name in Asana​:point_down:t4:

Might be a bit messy, but you can set up a zap that stops the Harvest time tracker upon Asana task completion.

I personally do this when marking a support ticket as “closed”, because I typically track my time on a per-ticket basis (each ticket is a different client usually), so marking it as closed (aka Asana marking it as “complete”, can just stop whatever timer that you have set).

Might need some filtering logic though within Zapier, so only continue if task is owned by you for example, as to not have other people completing tasks turn off your Harvest time tracker.