Harvest integration in Asana mobile application

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I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’m really happy with the way harvest and asana work with each other in the site. But is there also a possibility that I can write my hours in my mobile application of Asana? So far I have not found the add-in of harvest in the app. I have an Iphone.

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Hi @Annelieke_Steens - Sorry for the delay here! At this time the Harvest integration is not available in the iphone app. If you’re interested in seeng this feel free to create a new post in the #productfeedback category.

Hi. Same goes for Android? Can´t seem to find a way to intregrate Harvest to Asana app.

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Same here!

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Correct. Harvest isn’t available on the Android Asana app. Feel free to chime in on the #productfeedback category if you’d like to see this! Thanks.

Are there any time apps that integrate into the Asana iPhone app then?

Is Harvest available in the Mobile Asana App yet? All of our technicians work off mobile, and its an ineffective application without mobile use. If Harvest does not work on the mobile IOS or Android App, is there a program that does work on this platform?


I agree with Adam3, without a doubt this missing icon/menu item breaks my ability to expect people in field to document their time accurately. I really wish Asana would just bring time tracking feature in natively.


Completely agree. I simply can’t believe that a) time tracking is not native to Asana and b) harvest does not integrate natively with the Asana mobile app.

Both major fails imo.

Even Tempo integrates with Jira - desktop and mobile…

When is this coming to Asana???

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I could really use this right now. Trying to get some work done on the road with my iPad. Guess I’ll just wait till I get home this evening. :unamused: