Harvest integration in Asana mobile application



Hi Community,

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’m really happy with the way harvest and asana work with each other in the site. But is there also a possibility that I can write my hours in my mobile application of Asana? So far I have not found the add-in of harvest in the app. I have an Iphone.

I would love to hear from you guys,



Hi @Annelieke_Steens - Sorry for the delay here! At this time the Harvest integration is not available in the iphone app. If you’re interested in seeng this feel free to create a new post in the #productfeedback category.


Hi. Same goes for Android? Can´t seem to find a way to intregrate Harvest to Asana app.


Same here!


Correct. Harvest isn’t available on the Android Asana app. Feel free to chime in on the #productfeedback category if you’d like to see this! Thanks.


Are there any time apps that integrate into the Asana iPhone app then?