Connect Asana timer and Harvest

Love this new feature but we have a request. We use the Harvest integration for tracking time for billing purposes and the clock function at the top of an Asana task to start that timer. With this new Actual time feature, can you allow a connect of the two so we don’t have to have users ‘start time’ in both Harvest and the Task?

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Hi @Jennifer_Cordero and welcome to the forum!

The #forum-en:api section where you posted is specifically for developers using Asana’s API, so I moved your post to a new thread in a better section.

I just learned of the new time estimate/tracking features in asana today - and the glaring hole in that functionality is that it doesn’t take into account the time tracking applications already in use/integrated with asana. If our time tracking via asana in Harvest could be used in conjunction with this - I would upgrade our asana accounts to take advantage of the time estimation/etc. features.