Workload of team and time tracking | any solutions?

Hi, we are at the stage of testing Asana in an advertising agency (several teams, 40-50 people). I am at the forefront of this process and am currently looking for the best solutions in several areas. I hope you will share your experiences with me.

So here we go :slight_smile:

  1. TIME TRACKER- I am looking for the best software to connect with Asana. Our business model is based on hourly billing with clients, so this component must work perfectly. Most of the tools I’ve checked are not very readable inside Asana itself and lack inuitiveness. He would like an employee to have his tasks at his fingertips, so that he can seamlessly jump from one time count to another. The one that seemed most “friendly” to me with Asana was Everyhour.

What are your experiences with Everyhour? Or can you recommend me an even better tool?

  1. WORKLOAD OF TEAMS AND POSSIBLE SPECIALISTS - a related topic to the one above, but I don’t know if any time tracker-style program can handle it. I have in mind a solution that will allow me to measure the exact occupancy based on the tasks assigned to a particular specialist. I know that Asana counts task occupancy, but is it possible to tie this to some specific time estimate per task? The solution I’m looking for is to allow me to be able to look at a given project/team/person at any time and verify if they have time for an additional project this week, for example. I just don’t want to guess anymore if someone has too much or too little on their plate.

I would appreciate any tips :slight_smile:

If something else comes to your mind to improve Asana implementations in an advertising agency (50 people), go ahead and throw it in.

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  1. Time tracker: I know that Harvest integrates directly with Asana, I have also used it for a certain amount of time for myself, not sure if you tried that already and if it fits your needs?
  1. In this case what I would do is to switch from task count to manual tracking, you can have a custom field in Asana for the time estimated for each task and the Workload feature will use that to calculate the workload.

Hope this helps.


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Asana should implement time tracking, this would save tons of time managing this with another tools.

… imagine, which rules can be associated with :slight_smile:

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In this case I recommend upvoting this feedback request thread: Please build time tracking into Asana

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