Email to asana and client notification

Hi all,
I am going crazy with trying to figure out a way to use existing software to create a help desk. We use G Suite, Asana and WuFoo. I want to get tasking out of G Suite and into Asana for my team to work on them and then when the task is closed out in Asana I want to be able to notify the external user that their request is complete. I am also open to using some other software to do but I need help for sure. Any suggestions on this?

Hi @Suken1, thanks for reaching out!

We offer some integrations that can help you achieve this. For example:

Freshdesk + Asana: Once Asana and Freshdesk are connected, replies and comments made in a Freshdesk ticket will be pushed to Asana, and vice versa.
Zendesk + Asana: With this integration you’ll be able to automatically create tasks in Asana from new Zendesk tickets, or generate Zendesk tickets from new Asana tasks.

I also recommend you having a look at this thread with more tips: Ticket System Integrations?

I hope this helps!