Trigger for task updates



Hi all!

We are currently testing Zapier to integrate Asana with other services we use, such as Visual Studio Team Services. We are not set on Zapier, but so far it seemed to be the best option. Our goal is to mirror the two services, so developers and management can work closer together.

Currently, we are running into the problem that we can’t automatically trigger updates to our Asana tasks. So, if something about the task changes after the creation, we are not able to automatically mirror that in VSTS.

Does anyone know a solution for this? We have already thought of some workarounds, such as only using a one-way-sync, but it would be great to have an actual solution. I bet someone needed to do this before, so I am counting on y’all! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Alexis, who in the Asana community would be the expert on this? :wink:

Greetings from Germany!


Using webhooks?


Sorry, I should have been more precise: Is there a trigger solution? We have a lot of systems to connect, so it would be great to use the easiest possible way (or at least to find it first) :wink: If not, thanks for the input! I guess we will use webhooks then.


I might not be getting what you need, but it seems that webhooks is a good fit. You want something to be done somewhere when there is an activity on a task, right?


Yes, also my team figured out what the problem was. :wink: I had a small mistake in my train of thought. Thanks again for your help!


Hey Tom,

I am evaluating asana at the moment and we use currently use vsts for our product backlogs / application lifecycle and code repos so your question is of interest to me. I’d be very interested in what was the problem / solution in the end. Did webhooks solve it for you?


Hi Jonny,

yes, webhooks solved the issue for us. We use some predefined integrations with JIRA and solved the rest with custom webhooks. It really depends on your processes though. I’d advise you to also rethink your processes before simply implementing it with webhooks. We realized, for example, that when we had a problem with creating a complicated webhook, it was easier to just redesign the process, so there was no webhook needed at that point. As I said, it really depends on your business, but for the uses you mention (if you use JIRA) most implementations should work out of the box.