Asana -> JIRA -> Asana integration via MS Flow/Unito/Zapier


I am trying to find an automated way to do the following:

(1) Asana task gets created (or specific tag is applied) within a specific project → (2) JIRA ticket created within a specific project →
(3) When there are updates to the JIRA ticket, these get pushed to Asana

I defined (3) very broadly. JIRA “Updates” can mean a lot of things from new comments to changes in the fields. Therefore, I would just like to understand if any update can be pushed to Asana. “Push” to Asana is also broad and can be an additional comment within the Asana task which initiated the JIRA ticket or maybe an activity notification message within the task. Here also, I am just trying to understand what kind of push, if any, is possible.

I’ve managed to setup (1) → (2), but I am unable to close the loop with (2) → (3).

Has anyone ever done something similar with Microsoft Flow, Unito or Zapier?

@Marc maybe you can jump in? (Unito founder)

bumping this up just in case someone else can help

Maybe @paulminors can jump in as well? :slight_smile:

I have a project in Asana that we’re syncing with Jira via Unito. Comments sync bidirectionally, and works great, but Jira status updates don’t sync all that well to Asana, even as custom fields. If anyone has tips or other solutions, I’d love to hear!

Looking at Zapier, the possible Jira triggers include:

  • New Priority
  • New Issue (Via JQL)
  • New Project
  • New Issue Type
  • Updated Issue
  • New Issue

So for #3 to work, you’d have to trigger the Zap based on one of these, then decide what you want have happen in Asana. Perhaps post a comment with the update.

You would also need to include a “Find task” step where you use some info from Jira to identify the task. Ideally the task ID. To do this, I’d recommend copying the task ID to Jira in stage 1.

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Hi folks, just a quick note to let you know that we’ve just released a brand new Asana < > Jira integration! You can learn all about it in this brand new guide article: Asana for Jira • Asana

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