2 way sychronization between JIRA and Asana to make devs and business people happy :-)


I am currently trying to synchronize Asana and JIRA.

The reason is that the IT team is working on JIRA and all other teams are working with Asana.

My objective is a 2-way synchronization between both tools.

As far as I know there are 4 possible solutions:

I tried Zapier and Unito so far and both are several disadvantages making them not working e.g. they do not sync Custom Fields! Plus if I want to use Unito I need to pay for every user in my JIRA or Asana organization plus as far as I can judge so far I need to create for every JIRA account also an Asana account and vice versa, making it too expensive.

I want to evaluate tray.io now.

Has anyone solved this issue?


did you perhaps took a look into this issue already?

Hi @Sebastian_Paasch
I have an additional solution for you. Move everyone to Asana! :smile:

As far as the user account is concerned, I think I tried one service where it was suggested to have a separate account in both services. This account is actually dedicated for just the updates on both ends. Like for example, let’s call it “UpdateBot”. On both ends, all changes are synchronized using UpdateBot, thus the same will be reflected in the logs. This way you will have only one extra user for each. It’s also clear that the changes came from the other end.


Hey there Sebastian! My name is Jordan - I’m the customer success manager at Unito. I just wanted to reach out and address a few things here, because it looks like you may have missed a thing or two when you tried us out!

First: we absolutely do sync custom fields! All you need to do is make the field in Asana, and you should be set to go to sync it to other custom fields or the description footer in the other tool.

As to our payment structure, we don’t actually charge for every user in your JIRA and Asana organization, either - we charge based on the number of folks in the synced projects (which can be a huge difference!). Say your JIRA org has 100 people in it, but the project you’re syncing only has 10 - we count 10! And although it’s true that we do look at people from both tools, we only count individuals once - if someone’s got the same email in both tools, which is typically the case when it comes to internal projects, we only count them as one person. You can read more about how we handle that here.

Finally, you don’t need to create accounts for people in both tools - that’s actually a big part of our value. You can bring tasks between tools so that your teams can live exclusively in the software they want to live in.

So, all that said - I think we started off on the wrong foot :slight_smile: Perhaps you might take another look and try us out with the above in mind, and of course, if you have questions or need a hand with anything as you go through that setup process, just reach out - I’m always happy to help :smiley:


I have looked at this particular issue a lot, as our R&D department is rooted in JIRA and IMO I don’t think we should move them from it as it works for them and they’re mostly pretty insular. However there are a few areas where we overlap, so I looked at those solutions. Usually I just have a zap that takes JIRA tasks into Asana, with the JIRA task link in the description, and then a note in the Asana task that JIRA is the source of truth for this particular task. It doesn’t come up often, but it sure did when we were transitioning!

I personally would really like for us to use Unito as a company, because even though these instances are rare, I think it would help the IT/R&D department appreciate the Asana-departments choices more (if that makes sense). It wouldn’t be a power struggle between PM tools, but a relatively seamless conversation between them.

I’m happy you chimed in @Jordan_Burrows to clear up the custom fields issue. I knew that’s how your pricing structure was built, but the custom fields would have been a concern if I ever was able to push the company into your arms!

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Hi folks :wave:t3: I know this is an old thread but if you’re still following us here, I wanted to let you know that we’re after launching a brand new Asana < > Jira integration! You can learn all about it in this brand new article: Asana for Jira • Asana :slight_smile: