Asana to GitHub (2-way) integration without Unito

Is there a way for my team to do a preferably 2-way integration between GitHub and Asana without using Unito?

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I share interest in this; the Unito integration must mark all github-side issues as edited even if it doesn’t actually edit them.

@Mechie_Nkengla and @James_Campbell1,

Have either of you tried using Zapier to connect the two? Seems like that should be possible, depending on what specifically you’re trying to do.

Wow – I’d consider this fairly well solved by Zapier. Quick setup appears to give much more precise functionality than Unito that also preserves the underlying GitHub information. Thank you @Phil_Seeman!

I’d recommend that Asana updates their GitHub integration page to at least include Zapier–it seems very odd to have a click on GitHub take you directly to the Unito page with no more detail.

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