Possibility of adding a git workflow to Asana or suggest workflow

Our team currently uses google cloud source repositories and whilst it is a really good product and version control system for us, it does not really help when it comes to repository management as compared with git version control systems like Gitlab or Github.

So in managing that we currently assign tasks on asana per each feature and then we go ahead to build the feature and mark as complete when done. Whilst there has been only one person integrating the features of the software we are developing, we are growing and as the team grows there is the need for us to have a proper workflow and allow members and leaders to assign feature development, monitor progress and review code when feature development is complete.

What we have on asana been doing at the moment helps us to assign features as tasks to team members but what I am hoping we could achieve is the ability to have similar workflows teams/organizations on github. Thus assigning feature development, allowing code reviews before integration into master branch for production and monitoring of progress.

We don’t want to have to switch from asana or google cloud repositories to github or gitlab and would like a streamlined process to still do this.

Any suggestions on a proper workflow we can use to achieve this or is there a possibility for there to be a feature development that would even allow us to connect with our repository and manage it from asana to allow members do such things like ask for code review from team leaders after making code changes in a branch and committing changes and then a button to maybe deploy or merge the changes directly to the production branch when changes are reviewed and approved.

Did you look at Zapier or Unito? Also there is a workflow store coming in the future, maybe that will help.

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I’ll second @Bastien_Siebman!
If you’re looking to integrate Github/Gitlab/Asana so they can send information back and forth as projects get done/ monitor the progress, then you could use a solution by a company I work for, Unito. This would allow your team to create a bi-lateral sync between your tools, as well as gaining a high level overview of the progress as its being made in the workflow designer. Here and here are videos that explain it well.
Zapier is also another solution, but it’s automation, not integration. You can read this to get a better understanding of what the pros/cons of each are to see which is better suited to you!
Hope this helps :smile:

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Thank you for your reply on Unito and Zapier but I am not looking to integrate Github/Gitlab Asana instead I am looking to integrate Google Cloud Source Repositories. And in the mean time I guess it’s not available so I was looking for a workflow that I can use in my project to simulate that experience on github/gitlab even if it’s not directly integrated we can work on our changes locally and have a workflow that allows us to manually approve changes, assign issues to members on asana and then switch to our local repository or google cloud source repositories to perform the individual actions.

Unless there is a solution by Unito or Zapier that works with Google Cloud Source Repositories.

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Oh , sorry for the misunderstanding! Currently, there is not, but I can pass it on to the team as feedback :slight_smile: If I hear of any solution, I will let you know!

No problem, thanks for your reply. Sure alert me if your team works on anything because at the moment Google Cloud Source Repositories just supports what it says, a git repository but not integrations like creating issues or project workflows to track team progress and since we are using Asana, I was looking for a way to do that part with Asana.

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