Issues with the new Jira integration

I was really excited to see the new, built-in integration with Jira. I’ve set this up for a few Asana projects, but every time I try and create a new Jira issue from an Asana task, I receive the following error:

This issue has required fields that are not supported. Try a different one or create the issue from Jira.

It would be really helpful to know exactly which Jira fields are sousing the issue. Please can someone at Asana provide a list of fields that are supported?

Anyone? Maybe I’ve posted this in the wrong section?

Hey Mike,

I’d suggest you use an alternative integration tool instead for this. Here’s one -

The tool is called and it is an integration partner of Asana. And for your use case, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your Asana and Jira accounts to
  2. Select your Asana trigger as ‘New task’ and Jira action as ‘Create an issue’.
  3. Send the task details from Asana to Jira.
  4. Test the integration and make it live.

Let me know if this helps, Mike :slight_smile: