Jira <> Asana integration issue. Asana Task Description doesn't copy with Jira custom description field

Hello there,

I use Asana forms to receive data intake requests from the wider company. The form creates a ticket which then creates a Jira ticket using the integration. The wider company uses Asana more, while the data science team uses Jira to keep track of work.

I used to use Zapier to create a Jira ticket from Asana. It would add the description to the ticket, but I would need to link it to the Asana ticket manually. With the new Asana<>Jira integration, I don’t need to do that. However, I now realise that due to the Jira custom description field, the Asana information doesn’t write over.

Has anyone encountered this issue before? I tested this by writing to a Jira ‘Task’ that did have a custom description (no Asana information) and a Jira ‘Bug’ that didn’t have a custom description (Asana info copied over)

We don’t want to keep creating bugs and we want to keep the description to help anyone else that creates a Jira ticket instead of the form.

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