Asana for Jira Cloud Data Sync integration - Layout issues

I have an integration in place that works in both ways. Yesterday (when i 1st created the integration and projects), everything was working properly.
But today whenever I edit a ticket (doesn’t matter if it is on Jira or on Asana), when the description syncs with each other I see a lot of layout issues.

The formatting of the text is lost.
The text that is set to be bold, becomes enveloped by *.
It seems an issue that spirals.
I add the following text on Jira’s ticket description
“This is a serious bug”

This gets sent to Asana as:
“This is a * serious * bug”

Asana sends this back to Jira:
“This is a * serious * bug”

Then Jira sends to Asana:
“This is a \* serious \* bug”

The the cycle begins until i have lines and lines of .
All tickets I edited yesterday were perfectly connected and I have still no issues with them.
But anything I’m working today is getting messy.

Anyone know how to help?