Now available: Asana for Jira Cloud Data Sync integration

Hi Asana Community! :wave:

I’m Vicky Phan from Asana’s Product Marketing team, and I’m excited to share that our highly anticipated Asana for Jira Cloud Data Sync integration is now live!

This enhancement to our existing Jira Cloud integration will now provide an immediate two-way sync between Asana and Jira, ensuring timely visibility into project statuses and greater efficiency across cross-functional teams.

Using this integration, technical and non-technical teams can align and collaborate more effectively between tools, increasing process efficiency and improving strategic planning across their organization. Your team can add the Jira integration to their Asana project, connect the corresponding Jira project, and identify the direction in which they want Asana task/Jira issue data and associated field data to sync. Data can go from Asana→Jira, Jira→Asana, or both at the same time within a project, providing immediate updates to the right collaborators and stakeholders.

Once the Jira progress data is in Asana, it’s also accessible using Asana’s native reporting and automation tools, allowing you to analyze and take action on critical business insights from within Asana.

For example, with Asana for Jira Cloud Data Sync you can:

  • Connect Marketing teams using Asana to plan product launches with Engineering teams using Jira to track and execute development work
  • Increase visibility between customer-facing teams using Asana to log feature requests, and internal technical teams using Jira to document roadmap progress
  • Enable Business Operations teams to track and measure holistic work data from across technical and non-technical organizations, by using Jira data in Asana’s native reporting

How do I get started?

To connect your Asana project to a Jira project:

  1. Navigate to the specific Asana project where you’d like to add the integration
  2. Click Customize in the top-right corner, and navigate to Apps
  3. Select Jira Cloud and click Add to project
  4. Click Connect to Jira Cloud and authorize your Jira account
  5. Sign in with your Jira account and click Allow
  6. To attach Jira issues to tasks, open a task in the project and click Add Jira Issue
  7. To create rules with Jira Cloud, click Customize in the top-right corner, and navigate to Rules

To configure the data sync settings in the Data sync setting tab:

  1. Click Customize in the top-right corner of the Asana project that you’d like to add this setting to, and navigate to Apps
  2. Select Jira Cloud, and navigate to the Data sync setting tab
  3. Select the Jira project to sync with
  4. Choose the task sync direction
  5. Choose the field sync direction
  6. Select Save and close to activate the setting

For more in-depth details about the set-up and usage of this integration, visit the Asana Guide.

This integration is available on our Asana Business and Enterprise plans. If you are currently on a Premium plan, upgrade here or contact our Sales team to learn more.

As always, we are excited to hear your thoughts and feedback! What are some ways this integration will help your teams streamline processes, create visibility and alignment, and partner even better together?

Comment below and let us know how we can help you continue to drive teamwork and collaboration at your organization. Thanks!


This is great! It was super easy to setup and configure on test project I had already created for Jira <> Asana sync integration (via zapier & unito).

One thing i’m running into though, is that even though I have 2 way sync on for both syncing (#2) and mapping (#3) settings, is when I add the Jira assignee in my asana project, it’s not updating the jira task? This is important because MOST times when we are in asana, we know which developer will be doing the work so we would go ahead and use the jira assignee field in asana to update the assignee in jira.

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Absolutely game-changing integration. Thanks Asana Team!


Excellent integration! I’m happy to hear that now we’re able to connect Jira with Asana and work from both sides without any blockers ! Thanks Asana Team !

+1. Been a fan of the integration when it was beta.

Jira Ticket as a Column Obj. - It would be awesome to be able to see the jiras as a column object.

  • Rationale TL;DR - status, assignee are great. But we should also be able to see the jira ticket.
  • For example, there are several Business processes that mirror the Engineering work captured in a Jira (from intake of requests to approval and subsequent user business unit review, UAT, etc.).
  • We’re using Asana boards to track intake → review → business processes. The integration has GREATLY increased velocity of information & transparency
  • In practice, there are 2 Asana boards: Board A is an intake for change requests received across the org-at-large. Board B functions as the conduit of approved requests + business work. Requests move from Board A → Board B. The jira integration lives in Board B.
  • The only way to see if a Jira is attached atm is to pull open each ‘task’ record

How come you can’t select multiple issue types? I’d like to sync Tasks and Bugs from Jira to Asana. Is it possible to set up two instances of the Jira Cloud app and select Tasks in one and Bugs in the other?

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This may be a slight tangent but being able to have this integration app configured inside a Project template along with other rules is going to be really important for consistent behaviour across projects.

This feels like a great idea, implemented very poorly. Can only sync one Jira issue type from a whole Jira project? I can’t use JQL to select what issues get synced? How do I trigger a manual sync of existing Issues? I setup the sync. And nothing has happened after a day. I wish this worked and in a useful way. But pure 1:1 two-directional sync between an Asana project and a Jira project is not anywhere near narrow enough to make use of this.

Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce we are rolling out an update that allows Jira Cloud Data sync to also sync comments :tada:

How to use comment sync:

Comment sync will occur for any task in that project connected to a Jira issue

  • Create a task. This task should automatically create a new Jira issue on the task within 30 seconds.

Jira → Asana Comment Sync

  • Make a comment on Jira issue created above
  • Within about 20-30 seconds, a comment should appear on the Asana task authored by the Jira integration.

Asana → Jira Comment Sync

  • Make a comment on Asana task created above
  • Within about 20-30 seconds, a comment should appear on the Jira Issue

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Hi everyone. I am new to the integration and need some help :grinning:. We are on Jira Cloud and Asana Enterprise. I added the Jira Cloud connector to Asana with a 1-way synch from Asana task creation and 2-way synch in the fields. When I make changes to either side it is not synching. Any advice on what I can do to fix this is greatly appreciated :grinning:.

Can you please help me with this issue: Jira Cloud + Asana Integration: Show Field Connection inputs in another project's columns

It’s Feb 2024. I’m coming here to say I have the exact same question. Would love to know if this is on the roadmap. We’d like to sync Stories and Epics but right now can only sync one to Asana.

Yup, it’s frustrating that there has been no movement on this. Our management team uses Asana and our external dev team uses Jira. And I’m stuck in the middle communicating information that exists in Jira to management. It would be so helpful if Asana could get this function working already.

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