How can I link a Jira link into an asana comment so the link preview text would be shown, instead of the link?

Sometimes I need to drop a Jira link into the asana comment section and I want to see the task’s name, instead of the task link.

So there is a jira link, let’s say:

and if I insert this into a comment then it would change to this: “BUG - please fix the compiler”

How can I do this?

  • Jira integration seemingly does not provide this function (jira integration is only giving an extra section at the asana task, but does not change the behavior of other parts of the asana task, like for example the comment section)
  • If I insert a jira link (or any link) into asana, I can edit the text part of it manually to “BUG - please fix the compiler”
  • I can copy out the “BUG - please fix the compiler” name from Jira and I can also insert the task name with the task link (this is not dynamic way so if the task name changes in jira)

Any other idea, creative solution, anything?

Thank you very much