Jira integration issues and help

Hi all, I hope someone can help me here. I made a projects tab in Jira but my company uses a service desk. It works no problem making a new ticket in the projects tab in Jira. The issue comes when I automate it. If I put it in my work flow (e.g new task created → send to jira service desk → projects) it will only take the first few letters before I am done typing. Also is there a way for me to pull names and descriptions? Otherwise I would have to manually assign the same people in Jira.

Any help is much appreciated.

wow that’s an interesting problem, ping @Phil_Seeman who might be interested. The automation kicks in too soon in your case, that’s the problem. It will be resolved if you create the task outside of the project and move it afterwards, or use the Quick Add dialog. You could also use a form… (waiting for a better answer by Asana)

The Jira integration is very limited and Asana does not sync those fields from what I understood.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for the reply, is there any way to add a delay in the workflow? I think that’s the main issue. Also it would be so cool if I could map 25% in progress in asana to 25% in progress in Jira as well as the names of the team members. Its so close to being cool because my company is using both PM tools because asana has a great UI and Jira is just there for service desk.

There is not.

I recently had a Flowsana user report a similar issue. It seems that with the recent improvement of Asana’s webhooks infrastructure - which is overall a great thing, don’t get me wrong! - webhooks are now sent out REALLY fast, sometimes even before the user has finished typing the task’s name.

I don’t yet have a good resolution to it for Flowsana; I’m sure the Jira integration is a victim of the same issue…

Ah ok thanks Phil, any advice that you can give to me? It’s my first time project managing and I am in charge of the service desk team and their projects. They use Jira but Asana is great for their projects as it has easy to read due dates and subtasks. Jira connector was just a nice way to get them to remember to look at Asana.

My only advice (not great admittedly) is to contact Asana customer support and report the issue to them, so they know it’s a problem.

I’ll also raise it with my Asana contacts and see what they say. But I wouldn’t expect any change on it in the near term.

Alright thank you very much. A Jira to asana integration where you can map in progress in asana to in progress in Jira as well as pull the same names through would be so great and helpful…

If you are willing to consider a custom code automation, let me know :slight_smile:

Yes I would definitely would love to learn and try it! Thank you for offering, much appreciated :smile:

Just to be clear, this is a paid service :grimacing: you can email me at bastien@ido-clarity.com to discuss details.

Thank you will do

Shane you could add a custom field on the task so that the rule has to match both conditions before it fires off. (eg. On New Task and Custom Field is set to a certain value). This should give you the delay you want, if I understand correctly what you are trying to do.