Logging status updates with zapier

If I were looking to log a change in a custom field, I would use the task updated trigger.

Question is how would I know that the status/custom-field has changed - and in general I don’t see in the response any indication as to what has been updated.

Hi @Eden,

Yeah I think you’re right. Asana’s API didn’t used to return this info. About a year ago Asana enhanced the API so as to return it, but I don’t think Zapier ever updated their Asana functions to take advantage of that enhancement. You’d have to make a request for that from Zapier, as my understanding is they own their Asana functionality.

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Thank you @Phil_Seeman

I guess I’ll have to do my own webhook.

Using postman would it be complicated to establish? I don’t have experience with establishing Asana webhooks. I’ve seen the docs, but it was a bit too technical.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to establish and use webhooks via Postman. Webhooks require you to have an internet-accessible endpoint, and code running at that endpoint which can respond to webhook events that get sent out by Asana.

@Phil_Seeman oh, that’s correct. I would be using the webhook thru Zapier.
But as I understand I must establish the webhooks first via the API (unlike Pipedrive for instance which is done in the UI)
Which I’m assuming could be established thru Postman?
Once it’s been established, I can have the Zapier endpoint respond to the webhook events

Ah, OK. I haven’t used Zapier’s webhooks for this purpose, I can’t say definitively if that would work or not.

I’m not sure if that will work or not; again I haven’t tried it. But even initially establishing the webhook requires sending back an HTTP 200 response - not sure if that can be done in Postman?

@Phil_Seeman Having the webhooks triggered in Zapier, I’m assuming from experience will be just fine.

As for the 200 response in Postman, according to this
Stackoverflow thread it does send back a 200 Response.

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