Using Zapier to update an Asana task

I am trying to figure out a way to update a “status” field in a task using Zapier. When initially creating tasks in Asana using Zapier I can populate all of my custom fields but when it comes to updating task’s, none of the custom fields are available as options. This looks to be a shortcoming of Zapier, but I am wondering if anybody has any workarounds? It doesn’t need to be perfect, I just want to be able to change a native Asana field or custom field with an updated status using Zapier or another tool.

I tried using tags, since this is an option in Zapier, but it looks like I can only add additional tags, not replace existing tags with new ones.

@paulminors might be able to help!

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@Admin16, depending on what you’re trying to do to trigger the change in the Custom Field and in how many projects this will take place, I’ve helped a number of companies set something like this up. Feel free to reach out at Thanks!

Hi @Admin16, if you use Unito you are able to sync Asana with another tool you may be using, and it offers a 2 way integration and you can customize your tasks as you wish. Here is an article explaining the difference between the two, hope this helps!

I actually missed one of Zapiers Integrations that will actually accomplish what I needed. Using the Zapier Asana action titled “Add Task to Section Of Project” I can move an existing Task to a new Section in the same project or to a different project. By using the “Section” Feature in Asana I can essentially create task status updates. This works great.


If you guys have great zaps to share, I am building a list of zaps from the community