Updating a Task and changing the board section via Zapier


Hi Asana pros,

I’m using board sections extensively to visualise where work is sitting for my team, I’m also using Zapier to automate where the work is created in those board sections. I’m having trouble finding out whether Asana allows Zapier to move already created tasks to other board sections - it currently looks like it doesn’t.

Can anybody confirm whether this is possible?


There’s not an asana ‘find task’ search in zapier, in order to find a task (and then take action on it), you have to specify the project where the task would be looked for, which you can work around by like multi-homing all your org’s task into a project then running a zap, then undoing it I guess.

What would be your ongoing use-case for this kind of thing? Would it be long term, or big enough to create a zap/workflow for it - or is it just temporary (as in you just started this practice and want to add historical tasks to it).


Thanks for the reply @Caisha, it’s something that will be used extensively.

If I receive a request for changes from the client I want the zap to move the task from the completed column into a priority column plus add some other workflow to remedy the situation.

I’ve engaged a dev to get this created as it will be a long-term requirement.

Really appreciate your response, thanks again.