Asana doesn't recognize updates and report updates of tasks to a project if they are not in the first section of the project

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a project
  2. Create 2 sections in the project and name them Sec A and Sec B. They should be ordered as Sec A, Sec B going from left to right in the Board view of the Asana project
  3. View the project in Board view
  4. Open Zapier and create a random Zap that does anything when " Updated Task in Project in Asana" happens
  5. Create a test task in Sec A, and give it any name Test Task or something
  6. Move the task from the first column to the left to the second or third column
    You’ll notice that nothing happens. Asana doesn’t send update to Zapier even though the task has changed sections.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the resource_type’s name changing after force pulling data by Zapier from Asana for testing.

When left to do it on its own, Asana won’t acknowledge that as an update to the task, and send Zapier the data.

A hack I had to do to make it work, is to type anything in the notes section of the task, only then it recognizes the update to the task as something it needs to tell Zapier, and reports the change of section as well as the changes in the notes I made.

It also doesn’t recognize when people comment on the task as an update.

Does anyone have the same issue?
Can you guys resolve this bug?

Browser version:
Used multiple browsers, same problem.

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Aiden_Ibrahim and thanks for the report!

@Phil_Seeman and @lpb, I know you’ve experience with Zapier, do you think this is more likely to be related to Asana or Zapier?

Almost positive it’s a Zapier issue. Asana’s current architecture of Sections is relatively new and as I recall Zapier was never updated to know anything about Asana Sections.

I’d tend to agree with Phil. Perhaps you could use Asana’s Rules (if on Business) as your trigger, or another third-party connector, but I’m not sure specifically which one can handle this better.


Thank you both @lpb and @Phil_Seeman !

@Aiden_Ibrahim, I’d recommend reaching out directly to Zapier Support team ( To avoid re-explaining everything, feel free to share the URL of this public thread!

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