Zapier & Project Sections



Right now, there is no way to automatically create a task through Zapier in a specific section within a project. Is this a limitation with Asana’s API, or a shortcoming with Zapier? Trying to clarify before I communicate with Zapier about it.


Hi @Todd_Cavanaugh

I am 100% sure this is not an API limitation. We are using a custom coded application to automate copying of projects and also assigning tasks to different members of the team. It is able to preserve the structure of the project including the sections within the project, and even those within the tasks. :grin:


So I was testing the API and managed to get it to work.


Using the following POST request
The goal is to move the Action Item 9 under section MOTM



Special thanks to Postman, a chrome application which made the test successful.


@Allen strikes (correctly) again! The probable reason that Zapier doesn’t have this feature is that (for a messy internal reason) it is a fairly recent addition to our API, so they likely just didn’t have time to implement it yet.

For those interested in the nitty-gritty, you can place tasks in sections (or in columns in Board views) by specifying values in the memberships property of the Task on create or by using the addProject endpoint for existing tasks.