Need to change data in a custom field for some specific task via or zapier ?

Hello dear Asaners ))) Could you please say if it is technically possible ( via or zapier ) is more preferrable , to change data in a custom field for some specific task ?

Welcome, @Well,

Yes, see


Hello Larry , thanks for the fast reply , but it seems that this bubble can update the custom field itself and not the data or value in it

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I think the Asana action would be “Update a task” but I’m not 100% sure and don’t have the time to test myself now. Hope that helps…

Unfortunately “Update a task” bubble can only update standard fields and do net see custom fields .
Do you know if it is realy technically possible to update data in asana custom fields via api ?



Thanks for the info Larry , will try

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Hello @lpb, I have searched zapier and standard modules and find out that the only possible way to update the data in asana project’s custom field is to make an api call ( but I am not very experienced with api and it shows an error ) could you be so kind to say where to put what .
I have :

  • task GID - 1203472509473216
  • custom field GID - 1203485769587016

gid": “1203485769587016”,

“enabled”: true,

“name”: “test rating”,

“description”: “”,

“number_value”: null,

“precision”: 0,

“created_by”:{“gid”: “1202446045361707”, “name”: “Valentyn”, “resource_type”: “user”},

“display_value”: null,

“resource_subtype”: “number”,

“resource_type”: “custom_field”,

“type”: “number”

And I need to put a number ( for example “11” in the number type custom field )

@Michaela_S, Is there any chance you can confirm that doesn’t permit updating a task’s custom field without resorting to the Asana API? Any help you can offer @Well if the Asana API is required?



With both Zapier and Make you need to use the api. On your Make example you have the full URL specified , you need to use just the relative path (per the note under the entry box.

In the “body” box you need to add the data object specifying the id of the custom_field to change and the value. So if you wanted to set custom_field item 1203485769587016 to the value of 11 your body value would be

“data”: {
“custom_fields”: {
“1203485769587016”:“11” }

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Hello @agileTerrier and thanks for the info . You understood me right . I just need to change the data in custom field of some specific task to “11” . But how it will see the task GID ? Where do we need to put it ?
Made according to your advice -

See the comment under the URL box ? It reads “Enter a path relative to …” . You should place the endpoint here … You are working with the tasks endpoint and you need to provide the gid of the task you want to update in the URL per the api specification .

The full endpoint is :{task_gid}

so (for you) the relative endpoint entry would be : /1.0/tasks/1203472509473216

Thanks , now it is clear
but unfortunately I have the next error with json

Many Thanks to @agileTerrier and @lpb - the issue was in the " sign - changed the " signs in the body to my " signs and now works !!!