Email to specific task on Asana

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It would be great if I could use asana as documentation of the progression of work. This however would require that I could BCC emails as comments to tasks, like you can in pipedrive.

All the best, thanks for a great tool

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While using Asana, I need to Update ASANA Task on a meeting. Now I have created that task, which I created my self. Since I created, I didn’t get any email from ASANA, saying that FROM EMAIL is the email address for that particular task.

I think ASANA should develop an interface by which we could just COPY the Email Address of that particular tasks, and use them in email to send the email and in turn ASANA would update the email in Comments section of ASANA.


Fingers Crossed for this feature implementation.

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Your competitor Wrike has this feature, Asana NEEDS to have this. Basically each task has its own email address (example: and if you CC that email it comes onto that task as a comment. I really like Asana and would love to keep using it but this is something that is necessary not only for our business (accounting) but evidently many others as well


Thanks @Khizer_Daya

Asana has this feature, but ASANA doesn’t provide the email address to the task created by me. It does provides the email, if someone comments on it. and I get an email from ASANA.

From then on, if I reply to that email, comments would be auto added in that particular task. Just that, unless you create tasks and no one comments, you can get email addresses for now.

Fingers crossed for implementing it.

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I have not reviewed the whole thread because it is very extensive and I have done a diagonal reading, but if I am not wrong, this issue is resolved, not exactly as requested by @Shai_Shapira but with the official asana add-ons for Outlook.

In my Outlook (Windows and Mac) I have installed two official asana add-ons.

  1. Create asana Task
  2. Open asana add-in

Create asana Task
As the name implies, create a new task from an email

Open assana add-in
This addon allows you to do two things
A / Create a new task (White button)
B / Search Task (Blue button) (search task offers the option to comment on a task with the selected email)

I think that was the goal of @Shai_Shapira when he opened the thread, right. It’s not like he says with an email address, but I use the option to search for homework and comment with email every day and it works extremely well.

I know that it is not exactly what was requested, to comment via an email link per task, but I think this option is also perfectly valid and functional

Greetings from Barcelona

Unfortunately, the Outlook Add-In requires that you are using Office 365 Professional for E-mail. On-Premise/Self-Hosted Cloud Exchange servers are not supported :frowning: That doesn’t help the large percentage of businesses that use Exchange Server and have no plans to use Office 365.

Nonetheless, the Outlook Add-in looks great for those who can use it.

My long term product Sendana, can use any email system within Outlook. You should take a look.

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Hi James,

I love Sendana, and would love to implement it in my organisation. We’re based in Germany though, and many of us would be more comfortable with a German version of Sendana.

I’d be happy to help with translating the front end. Please let me know if that’s an option for you.



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Unfortunately, we do not have plans for other languages at this time. I can check with my developer though.

Thanks for the repy @James_Carl! I’m glad to help when it comes to the actual front-end translations. Your developer would just need to adjust the files afterwards

This is a pretty big miss and is a blocker for our workflow–can’t migrate to Asana without it. Trello and Wrike can both do this. You can do it too, since replies to outbound emails from tasks include email addresses that attach the body of the email as a comment. Seems like a trivial add to allow us to copy that email address from within a task so that we can cc: or bcc: tasks.

Hi @Marie

I work in a large organization with many different environments, extending every day our usage of Asana. Our mail client is Outlook in different Windows and MacOS flavors, and we don’t use Office365, which means that neither the Asana plug-in nor Sendana are good options for us.
In order to avoid duplicated tasks and facilitate tracking of activities, it would be incredibly useful for us to have a way to add e-mails as comments in a given task, either by some sort of supported multi-platform plug-in, or a mail alias we could cc: / forward the e-mail to.

I could reply to a particular task notification and get that added as a comment, but in the tasks I’ve created and managed, I don’t usually get notifications, so I have no way to know what that e-mail address is.

x+[taskId] (like as x+[ProjectId] would be a simple, easy and straightforward solution. Is there any way we could influence your roadmap to see this happening any time soon? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!!

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That looks like a fantastic product James! Unfortunately, it will not fit my needs because:

  1. Our organization requires support for both Mac & Windows
  2. Our organization is extremely large so the licensing model would be cost prohibitive
  3. It does not provide a way to push an email as a task comment

Hopefully this feed back is useful and helps you improve upon your product!

Can I do that with my arvig webmail? I am recently using this mail because it is easy to use, that’s why I am asking.

Dear Asana,
Is this even on your roadmap? Yes or no would be sufficient. Thank you!

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I agree, it would be an important function. Still no update on this? I read the whole discussion.

Do you never happen to complete a task but want to send the update as a comment or by completing the task, perhaps the following day?

With the email address for the task and the programmed emails you could do this too.

For the moment I am already using it but it only works if someone else has assigned me the task or mentioned me in it.

+1 for me

+1 this is needed

What really is upsetting with this request is the functionality is already there. We all know that if you assign a task to someone, they receive an email notification and they can reply back to the email and that response is written directly into the comments on that specific email. All we are asking is that you expose that direct link so that we can copy and paste it into an email thread and every email gets attached to that task. As with the push notifications, there’s probably no money in it for Asana, so it’s a “pass”. More likely there’s a real cost because they would be literally “hammered” with emails all day long and they would have to buy more bandwidth and additional server resources. They clearly don’t want this to happen or they would have fixed this years ago. Clearly 3+ years in not enough time, not! Just be truthful and say you won’t do it because it’s too costly or not income producing, but stop stringing us along. Thank you!