Creating a rule so that when forms are filled out, they're filled out with a task template

Hi all:

I have a form for marketing requests and I would love it if instead of the task just being created, it is able to use a template that has subtasks and deadlines pre-sorted. Otherwise I have to spend a lot of time hand typing the subtasks to each one that comes in.

Workarounds MOST welcome if not possible!

Hi Kristin,

One option is to use a Flowsana rule - you can create the following rule:

If a new form submission is received, then add subtasks from this template: _________

Note that the template is not an Asana task template (those are not accessible programmatically, so not accessible to external integrations) but rather is a set of subtasks that you create in a project you create to hold such subtask templates.


Hi @KristinTHorowitz,

Great question! As mentioned by @Phil_Seeman, this Rule is not yet available within Asana so the Flowsana integration might be an option for you :slight_smile:

I’ll loop back in with you on this thread should there be any updates to Rules! :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much. You are ridiculously helpful. :slight_smile:

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