Assign a template from a form submission

Does anyone know if it is possible to set up a rule or anything to have a certain template used based off of the answers given in an asana form? We have certain subtasks, task details and assignments based off of work type. I know that I can set an assignment using a rule based off of the answer in theform. But is it possible to have it use an asana template.

For example: For one of our questions we ask what the work request type is. If they were to answer an update to an existing web article, would it be possible to have the task be created using our update to existing article template?

I don’t think you can have a form response trigger a template be used.

One of the ways I work around this is by multihoming based on the request type, into a project that is for that specific request type. Then it moves through that project with automation that create subtasks based on the section it ends up in. So, we have reimbursement requests come in - they go into the Reimbursement project and when it goes into the first section it creates a subtask for me to review.

So you could essentially multi-home, and when it enters that first section it adds your process via subtasks, or move it through sections and have it add subtasks along the way.

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That’s definitely one of the workarounds I’ve thought of. Just hoping I can avoid needing to do the multihoming. Thanks for the response!


You can’t do exactly that yet in native Asana (perhaps with, @Phil_Seeman?).

But you can achieve something similar with rules mimicking the task template you have. Rules can set values of fields, add subtasks with metadata set, etc., all things a task template does, just a different way.

@Kasey_Nichols’s answer describes this a bit with multi-homing, but you don’t require multi-homing to do the functions mentioned.

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Yep, you can definitely do this with Flowsana; there is a pretty new “Add tasks…” rule action, to go along with the “Add subtasks…” rule action. Between the two, you can add top-level tasks (which themselves can have subtasks) or just subtasks, to any task including a form submission.

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