Ability to "Create subtasks" in a Rule created in "My tasks"

Right now, it seems you can only add “Create subtasks” to Rules inside of a project. I want to be able to move a Task from one section to another in the Board view on My tasks and have Approval subtasks added automatically when doing so. It seems this isn’t currently possible for some reason, unless I’m missing something?

Hi @Bryce_Driesenga and welcome to the forum,

You’re correct; the rule actions available in My Tasks are more limited than in a project and don’t include “Create subtasks”.

Be sure to vote for this capability using the “Vote” button.

Also FYI one solution is to use the rule actions in our Flowsana integration; we have an Add subtasks rule action and it’s available in My Tasks.

Thanks for the idea, Phil! Not sure if I can get Flowsana licenses approved at work, but if so, it would probably solve this and a few other problems.

Just following up on here to post my workaround.

  1. I created a rule in My Tasks that changes the status to “Waiting for Approval” when I moved the project to the relevant section on my Board view.
  2. I then created a rule in the broader project that looks for the status change to “Waiting for Approval” and then adds the approval subtasks I need.

Now my next issue is subtasks of subtasks not inheriting fields, so these approval subtasks don’t inherit field with the link to the Figma design, in my case.