Approval Workflow

For our Demand Gen team, many of the tasks require multiple levels of approval. When we “Mark as an Approval” and then the Approval is marked Complete, Changes Requested, or Declined, the task automatically completes itself. Unfortunately, we need a way to have the Individual Contributor approve, pass it to their Director, and then to the VP without the task being completed.

We tried utilizing subtasks for the rounds of approval but we also use subtasks for draft rounds so items started to get lost.

It would be awesome if, once marked as an approval, Asana would allow for a Workflow to be entered to say: Here are the 4 steps of approvals I need. That way, once the Individual Contributor approves, it automatically gets passed to the Director and so on. I love the idea of the Approval button but it doesn’t seem as functional as it could be.

Hey @Heather_Lamb,

hm ok so I am thinking maybe you could set it up in a way that you have various columns. Let‘s say

Individual Contributor Approval
Director Approval
VP Approval

And then have custom fields as well so when they approve you can have a rule set that the task is pushed to the next column (next stage of approval), again when done they would fill their custom field and it it is moved via the rule to the next stage.

And then only the last person that needs to approve the task would use the approval feature and it get‘s moved to the Final column which means complete.

Now in the terms of custom field it depends on your set-up or whatever you prefer.
Could maybe be one field per person that has to approve and then a dropdown selection of „Yes, No“

So „Individual Contributor Approved?“

and depending on the answer it gets kicked to the next column or if „no“ selected then back to the editing stage

Would that work?

Even the draft rounds that you do maybe it works better with stages (columns)

We work this way for video editing, uploading to YT and optimizing, then checking, final approval, scheduling and a few more steps we have once the video is live.


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