Mystery of Completed Tasks Being Marked as NOT Complete...?

Hey Asana Community Forum!

Thank you - all of you - for your amazing contributions here. I’ve read your answers, questions, and comments for quite a long time. Now I’ve got a question of my own to post!

I’ve got a client using the Premium plan, and pulling project data in via Zapier, from another system. There are rules in place within the Asana instance, which further sort the data, and allow users interact with it. All of these moving parts are working very well!

However…there seems to be a ghost in the machine! One of the rules invoked is “Task moved to a certain section → Complete task”. This rule appears to be running correctly and on an expected frequency. However, immediately after the task is marked complete by this rule, it appears that the Admin person is marking it incomplete.

We know that this person is not doing so. As it is, the time interval between the change from complete to not complete is too short for this to be a manual action.

FYI - These are NOT recurring tasks.

There are two other odd things within my client’s Asana account that may or may not be connected to this weirdness.

When I log in as this same Admin (who is shown as the actor in marking completed tasks as incomplete) his “Recently Completed Tasks” report is empty, unless I change the search parameters. It then shows that he hasn’t completed a task since March 20. This is not the case.

Also while logged in as this Admin, I see nothing under the “My Tasks” view. This is wrong. I can see within multiple teams and projects that this person has been assigned tasks.

Has anybody seen something like this before? Any ideas on what might be happening?

Thanks for taking the time to read my question!



Perhaps the Billing Owner could go to Admin Console > Members and check members and guests to see if there’s another user named Admin also to explain the empty task list?

Perhaps there are rules or other external automations causing the marking incomplete action?

That’s all I can think of. Maybe someone else has additional things to check.



I would also make sure that the client is not also using Flowsana and has a Flowsana rule in place that’s performing the incompletion.

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Thank you, Larry. I also wondered about the possibility of a second user with the same name. I’ve checked the Admin Console, and ruled that out. I do appreciate you validating my thinking on that count.

I think it may well be an external rule or automation. Thanks for that suggestion.

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I don’t know if the client is also using Flowsana, but I will certainly look into that, Phil.

Thanks for pointing me toward that avenue of exploration!

2 ideas:

  • change the name of the admin, and see if the notification actually mentions the new name or old name (to know if there is someone else named the same)
  • have the admin account go to Profile settings > apps, and deauthorize everything, to see if behavior still happens. They can also go to the developer console and remove any PAT (Personal Access Token)
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