Assigning subtasks causes them to be marked complete

Hi all
Hopefully someone can assist me in this, when I try to assign subtasks Asana is then automatically marking them as complete.
I have rules set up but they are just set to “task moved to a section → Set Bucket Name” so I’m not sure how they could be causing this.
Any insight anyone may have would be great.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Laura_Weafer :wave:

Is the subtask potentially added to any project and any rules set up there?
Or can you recheck all rules in the existing project whether any that is closing tasks might be set to apply to subtasks as well?

Hi Andrea

Thanks for such a quick reply.
No other rules set on the project at all, barring the 5 I have for “task moved to a section → Set Bucket Name” so its stumping me as to why its happening.

Is the subtask homed to any other project with rules running?

Any chance you’re using Flowsana which also has rules?



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